Broker Fee Agreement

The Undersigned, ______________________ , hereinafter known as CLIENT, hereby appoints and authorizes Chuck Green and Caliber Commercial / Bay Area Capital Funding, Inc. as Broker, to find Lender and Investors interested in client project, and to submit financial data and information supplied by CLIENT for the purpose of obtaining financing for CLIENT with terms and conditions that are acceptable to CLIENT.

CLIENT hereby agrees to pay directly to BROKER a broker fee of $_________________, plus processing and administration fees ($900.00 total) which shall be due and payable upon CLIENT’S receipt of funds.

CLIENT understands and hereby agrees that there is no guarantee that this application can be successfully placed or that a commitment will be issued by the LENDER. BROKER is an Independent Financial Consultant and is not authorized to make any financial commitments on behalf of the LENDER.

If no loan is obtained, or if the loan is not accepted, then no broker fees are incurred by CLIENT.

Your signature below acknowledges that some of your personal data, including but not limited to, tax and bank account data, and credit reporting data, may be submitted to lenders as needed or when required to support your loan application.


CLIENT:_________________________________ Date: ___________________

CLIENT:_________________________________ Date: ___________________


BROKER:________________________________ Date: ___________________

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