Recently completed transactions commercial residential and construction 


Hawaii cash out loan commercial loan $450,000 private money

Hard money loan San Francisco rental property $225,000 loan

SBA 7A loan $445,000 used to acquire an existing business low points and rate

2-unit spec construction project San Francisco Ca. $1,000,000 loan

Commercial refinance and rehab funds $750,000 Burlingame Calif mixed use (cash out, debt consol - rate in sixes)

Construction residential $2,250,000 Hillsborough, Ca. (rate of 7.25%)

Commercial refinance and cash out Pacifica California $400,000 mixed use (Cash out; rate in low sevens)

Commercial purchase and construction Arizona $450,000 stand alone retail building (low rate; self employed)

Commercial refinance $750,000 medical – dental building South San Francisco, Ca. (self employed, cash out)

Purchase, construction and rehab $1,000,000 2-unit commercial retail San Francisco, Ca (low rate; self employed)

Commercial refinance $750,000; 8 unit apartment building, San Jose, Ca. (rate in sixes)

Commercial refinance $1,250,000 warehouse near Reno, Nevada (low rate; self employed)

SBA construction loan $2,500,000 for school, near San Jose, Ca. (low rate; self employed)

Hard money loan $500,000, residential cash out Redwood City, Ca.

Commercial cash out debt consolidation $1,100,000 8-unit near Oakland, Ca. (low rate; self employed)

Residential construction $740,000 San Rafael, Ca. (rate in sixes)

Commercial refinance and rehab $600,000 retail complex near Buffalo, New York (self employed, poor credit, cash out)

Commercial cash out refinance $2,600,000 commercial / industrial Sacramento, Ca.  (low rate; self employed)

Commercial refinance $815,000 medical building San Carlos, Ca (low rate; self employed)

High end construction loan $3,000,000 loan / Marin County

Residential construction loan, $2,000,000 Tiburon, Ca Rate of 6.75%

Commercial 4 unit Retail Santa Clara $550,000 loan rate of 6.5%

Residential condo cash out loan denied by Wells Fargo and credit union; closed in 45 days

Large 54 unit apartment complex, San Mateo County, debt coverage issues, turned down by Wells and Citi- We completed in about 90 days with good loan.

Rehab project Santa Clara County purchase of home in non lend-able condition / needed repairs; provided purchase money to close and cash towards repairs.

Eight unit apartment near Yountville, Ca

Cash out residential refinance to pay off soon to be ex-spouse, low rate

Hard money construction completion project, east bay area

10 unit apartment in Oakland, rough neighborhood; rate in low sixes with no points to client, some rehab needed

42 Unit apartment building near Atlanta $3,500,000 loan ten year fixed low fours

SFR rehab project San Carlos California, fix and sell

Residential debt consolidation loan 3.875% owner occupied

Construction and development loan, Central California, spec multi units SFR

SFR construction loan, East Bay California 6% rate, 1.5 points

51 unit apartment complex, foreign national buyer, 55% LTV and 80% CLTV. Buyer had no US taxes, no US credit, very little US liquidity. Collateral lien on other properties owned by client. Closed at a rate of 10.75% with three points total.

3 unit Oakland spec project

1 unit spec project San Jose area - high end home

Difficult owner occupied debt consolidation refinance with a first and second loan

Refinance of FHA purchase loan, six months after closing FHA purchase, into a non-FHA 30 year fixed loan with no PMI, saving client hundreds per month, with a no cost loan.

Land purchase about 20 acres 3 parcels, bank financing rate of 5.5% with two points $1,800,000 loan size

Construction project $10,750,000 loan size Santa Clara county 5 story podium style construction, retail units ground level with condos on the upper floors; private financing

Financing of equity position in partnership 22 acres in Santa Clara county. New equity participant came in and bought out exiting equity participant in a development and construction project of high end homes

Difficult owner occupied debt consolidation loan for client with poor credit due to high balances, medical issue related, paid off debt to qualify for the new loan. Credit improved and payments decreased.

Construction loan $11,500,000 Private money 32 residential condos in multi story construction project, podium style construction also in Santa Clara County using private financing and a relatively fast close

Owner occupied construction loan, about $1,000,000 loan for rebuild of residence in San Francisco

Stated income / bank statement purchase loan of $2,000,000 non owner investment property near Playa del Rey California with 30% down payment and no taxes, no pay stubs, no W2's

Commercial loan for 19 different single family homes in Contra Costa County; one loan holds all 19 properties at a low rate, provided cash out to client, so that he could continue to invest, property financed by commercial loans are exempt from FNMA limits

Bank statement loan, no tax returns, rate of 6.25% closed in 40 days, owner occupied SFR.

$18,000,000 purchase loan for large apartment complex, with $10,000,000 loan, rate of 4.25% closed ahead of schedule with no tax returns needed.

Commercial portfolio loans for three apartments owned by one client, roughly $3,000,000 in total loans. Low rate however used an established commercial conduit that required enormous amount of paperwork and 60 days to close; best option for client however.

Apartment loan 18 units cash out refinance closed in about 45 days with low rate and no tax filings needed

31 unit lot development loan east bay area

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