Niche Residential Lending

Bay Area Capital Funding Inc.

(These are all prime loans with good conventional rates, and income assistance programs)

· Asset depletion – use assets as if they were an income stream

· Expanded ratio program (allows higher debt ratio)

· Pledged asset program (lowers loan amount you need to qualify)

· 90% jumbo purchase money with no PMI (lowers payments)

· 90% first time buyer purchase money with no PMI (helps qualify)

24 month average bank statement deposits defines income, no tax returns needed

(Prime loans with conventional rates...Non-owner occupied programs)

· Borrower with up to 10 properties OK

  Loans for borrowers with more than 10 properties under finance

· Property not completed “non-saleable condition” loans

· Purchaser is LLC or Partnership, Corporation

· Business funds OK for down payment or reserves

· 55% qualifying ratios

· 6% seller credit to borrower OK

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